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Will newbuild properties continue to come on the market in the Swiss Alps?

Yes, but not many.

In 2012 in a referendum the Swiss decided that no new building permits should be given for the construction of second homes in resorts where second homes already make up 20% of total property.

There are still some valid permits for new builds which were given before the new law. When those are sold there will be no more new second homes permits given to any of the Swiss ski resorts. There is a special exemption too for properties in Andermatt. 

It will be possible, however, for foreigners to buy apartments or chalets in developments which offer hotel style services and facilities provided also that it is professionally managed and rented when the owner is not using it.

So properties which have a spa and wellness area, a reception and concierge services, a restaurant or breakfast room, laundry service, or room service could be classified as “tourist” residences and could be bought by foreigners.

New developments of this type are already beginning to appear on the market, in the Valais in particular, and are selling well. 

Many buyers appreciate these facilities and services (particularly cleaning, linen and laundry services) as this allows them to enjoy their family holiday to the full or gives them more time and better facilities to entertain friends. An increasing proportion of buyers like to rent their property when they are not using it so are attracted by a professional rental arrangement like this which is trouble-free. One example is the Saastal Village in Saas Fee.

Some developers have completely renovated old chalets and hotels so they are effectively “new” buildings but they have second home status so you are not obliged to rent them.