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The Vintage Way to Furnish your Ski Chalet

11 Mar, 2016 by Investors In Property
When the time comes to think about ways to furnish your ski chalet or apartment, using vintage skis is a great way to bring some classic Alpine charm to your mountain home.

Recycling old skis for use in furnishing and framing old resort posters is not uncommon in the Alps, but it never fails to look classy. And while you wouldn’t want all your furnishing to be made from old equipment, it does look cool to have one or two pieces. So, what are the coolest ways to reuse vintage ski equipment when you’re furnishing your chalet?

The Coat Rack

Starting with something simple and easy, the ski as a coat rack is an excellent way to reuse old skis (we’re talking about the wooden ones, but you can use the brightly coloured plastic 1980s versions if you like). The standing ski coat rack is a little more stylish than its wall hanging counterpart, if you have the room for it.

The Chair

Chairs made of old skis or chairlift cars are hardly a revolution, but they’re still worth a mention. Covered with furs, these make excellent outdoor furniture. Whether you have a terrace, garden or balcony will have an effect on which style chair works best, but loading them up with furs is an excellent way to make sure your outside space is as cosy as it is inside.

The Shelving

The most common ski paraphernalia to use for shelving is toboggans, but there are shelves made from snowshoes amongst other things available too. Vintage winter sports equipment used as shelving is a stylish way for you to improve the amount of storage space available, while also giving your property a real Mountain retreat feel.

The Coffee Table

Sleigh coffee tables are the most common of all vintage ski based tables, but there are also a few made from vintage skis or snowboards dotted around. Whether you go for the traditional sleigh that we’re all familiar with from paintings and Christmas cards or a simpler logging sled, these always make good Alpine tables in traditionally styled living areas.  

Whether you decide to reclaim a piece of Alpine skiing history, or strike out fresh with a modern design, it’s best to consult an interior designer to make the most out of your space when you’re looking at furnishing your new ski property.
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