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  • St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz

Ski Chalets & Apartments for sale, Switzerland

Expert's Opinion

"The Engadin Valley has a very unique feel and flavour, quite unlike anywhere else in Switzerland and with a clear Italian influence. St. Moritz is famed for its glamour, with gourmet restaurants and luxury boutiques lining the two main streets. Most of all, the standout quality of this area for me, is the scenery. It is incredible, and even in the summer, when many other ski areas of this high an altitude look a little bleak, the valley and surrounding villages look truly beautiful. " - Simon Malster

The Town

St. Moritz sits in the remote, high valley of the River En. The valley is punctuated by a series of lakes that separate the two main parts of St. Moritz - the glitzy main town of St. Moritz Dorf & the spa resort of St. Moritz Bad.

The main town - Dorf - is characterised by high-end boutiques and restaurants and has a distinctly urban feel. Bad, on the other hand, is less urban and a bit quieter. Sat near the Italian border on a river that flows down to Innsbruck, it is unsurprising perhaps that there is a really multi-cultural feel with guests, cuisine and activities heralding from across the Alps and further afield. There is a strong British contingent in the area, which explains the peculiar popularity of cricket here with a game played on the frozen lake in winter.

St. Moritz is not the most aesthetically appealing resort in the Swiss Alps, with a number of block-like buildings dotted across both sides of the town, but the scenery surrounding the resort is truly stunning and one of the greatest pleasures in skiing this region.

There are also smaller villages in the Engadin St. Moritz ski area, such as Celerina and Zuoz, which offer great access to local slopes and bus/rail links with the rest of the sector and have a bit more of the rustic Swiss charm that you might expect from a Swiss ski village. Such villages make great sense for a property in the region as - given the sprawling nature of the skiing - they offer the same level of access to the slopes as St. Moritz Dorf itself but without the premium pricetag or the crowds.

The Town, St. Moritz, SwitzerlandThe Town, St. Moritz, Switzerland
The Skiing

While the 350km of pistes is probably an exaggeration, the extent of the skiing here is superb with a good range of slopes for intermediates and experts, panoramic scenery and reliable snow cover. Lifts are fast, queues aren't a major issue and there are some good mountain restuarants.

The skiing is divided into several very separate areas. From St. Moritz Dorf, the Corviglia sector is easiest to reach, with a cog-railway driving you up to a some sunny runs to the west and - on the other side of the Piz Nair - some more varied, panoramic runs in the Marguns bowl. This sector is also accessed from St. Moritz Bad and the village of Cellerina.

Surlej - a few miles south-west St. Moritz - provides access to the slopes of Corvatsch & Furtschellas where you have a good choice of predominantly red runs that reach a glacial altitude. Then there is the Diavolezza and Lagalb, a good 20km from St. Moritz but home to an excellent mix of challenging north-facing slopes. The village of Zuoz, a cute village to the east of the main resort, has a further ten, high-altitude slopes and is well connected by rail.

The Engadin St. Moritz ski area is also one of the premier cross-country skiing locations in the Alps with over 200km of trails, some of which are floodlit, with reliable snow cover and beautiful scenery. 

The Skiing, St. Moritz, SwitzerlandThe Skiing, St. Moritz, Switzerland

It is incredibly difficult to buy a property in the St. Moritz area.

Properties on the market are few and far between, with a miniscule number of these available to foreigners.

Your best option to link into this panoramic, high-altitude ski region would be to investigate properties in the nearby villages.

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