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How does the VAT rebate work in France?

Simply put, there are two ways you can get a VAT rebate on a ski property purchase.

The first is a “pre-packaged” leaseback where you have an ex-VAT purchase price, guaranteed return and the option for a few different fixed amounts of personal usage per year. You own the freehold although you will have a lease with the management company and there are restrictions on usage and decoration of the apartments amongst other things. 

The second approach - which is increasingly popular at the moment - is to buy a classic freehold property, decorate it as you wish and have it professionally managed when you aren’t using it personally. You still benefit from the VAT rebate this way except this time it comes back to you in a lump sum.

As an owner you block the weeks that you want and the management company manage the rest and are motivated to maximise occupancy of the available weeks as they take a % based on what they achieve (typically 25% to cover management and marketing of the property).

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Information correct as of 17th May 2024. This may change as rules and regulations change often, so please contact us directly if you have any specific enquiries.