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Property Restrictions for Foreigners

What is the payment schedule for a new build property in France?

New build properties will tend to be funded through stage payments laid out in the VEFA. Commonly the schedule will look as below.

  • 5% paid as the initial deposit
  • 30% of the total price when the foundations have been laid
  • 35% of the total price when the property is weatherproof
  • 25% of the total price when construction is complete
  • 5 %of the total price on receipt of the keys

If you are taking a mortgage, you pay the first instalments and then bank will pay the remaining instalments. When you receive the keys you have one month in which to take possession of your property and report any faults to the developer.

Information correct as of 1st January 2024. This may change as rules and regulations change often, so please contact us directly if you have any specific enquiries.