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Can a foreigner buy more than one property in Switzerland?

Foreigners may only buy one property in Switzerland.

You are not permitted to buy a second property in the name of your husband/wife but if you have children over the age of 18 they may purchase properties in their own name.
A foreigner may buy more than one property in Switzerland in these exceptional cases:
- A foreigner who is resident in Switzerland with a Swiss B or C permit may buy more than one residential property if they have an EU passport.
- A foreigner may buy multiple units in a property which has a special status as a hotel-like investment property.
- Apartments or suites in a hotel which must be rented out by the hotel may qualify due to the tourist management obligation.
- A foreigner or even a foreign-controlled company may purchase several residential units in a property which has this special status.

There is also a special exemption too for properties in Andermatt which qualify for an exemption even though there is no obligation to rent them.