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Can a foreigner buy property in Switzerland?

Yes, but there are restrictions imposed at a national (federal) level, at the regional level (by the cantons) and even at a local level (by each commune). These restrictions limit where foreigners may buy, what type of property they may buy and even the size of the property is restricted.
It is worth noting that, foreigners living outside Switzerland (who do not have a Swiss Residence permit) may only buy a residential property which is in a tourist area. They are not permitted to buy in the cities such of Geneva, Basel and Zurich as these areas are for primary residences; not for holiday homes. Foreigners are permitted to buy chalets and apartments which are classed as second homes (holiday homes) in most Swiss ski resorts and also by the lake in Montreux as these are in tourist areas.

Some of the restrictions on foreign ownership of second homes are set by the Swiss Confederation and apply universally across all the 26 Cantons, and others are set by each Canton itself.

Details of the federal (national), cantonal (regional) and communal (local) restrictions on property purchase by foreigners are provided in the next two FAQs.