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Can I purchase a property in the name of a company in Switzerland?

A foreigner may buy property in Switzerland but must buy in their personal name (or in the names of several family members who are over the age of 18).

Foreigners are not permitted to buy residential property in the name of a company except in these two exceptional cases:
Andermatt - Foreigners are permitted to buy a property or multiple properties in the name of a company in the development in Andermatt. The project is so important that the government gave the developer a special status – for details see Andermatt.
Hotel-like status developments - A foreigner or a foreign-controlled company may also buy multiple units in a property which has a special status as a hotel-like investment property.

Apartments or suites in a hotel which must be rented out by the hotel may qualify due to the tourist management obligation. There are very few developments which qualify for this exception – please contact us for details.
A foreigner may establish a Swiss company, but the company will be subject the same restrictions.

A Swiss company owned by foreigners is not permitted to buy residential property in Switzerland.