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What are the purchase costs when buying a property in Austria?

The purchase costs for buying a property in Austria are roughly 6.6% of the gross purchase price. There is an agency commission of 3% net plus 20% VAT making an approximate total of 10%. Notary fees are 1.5 to 2% net plus 20% VAT and the court costs, administration fees are around 400 EUR. The purchaser has to pay the notary fees after the contract of sale has been signed.

Fees are calculated as follows:

  • Purchase Tax ‘Stamp Duty’ – 3.5% of the gross price
  • Registration in the Land Registry – 1.1% of gross price
  • Notary’s fees – between 1.5 and 2% of gross price
  • Court costs, administration fees – approx. 150 euros

Information correct as of 1st January 2024. This may change as rules and regulations change often, so please contact us directly if you have any specific enquiries.