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What taxes will I have to pay?

If you decide to take advantage of the VAT rebate and rent your property to holiday-makers you will be required to pay income tax on your rental income. Much of these taxes can be offset and there are a number of ways to reduce the tax you pay on your rental income.

For example, the interest you pay on your mortgage can be written off against rental income profits and you can also write off 10% of the costs of your furniture package as depreciation against your rental income.

If you rent your property to holiday-makers and pay the income tax for these rentals in Austria then there is an 11,000 euro income tax exemption per person per year, so if two people purchase a property together there is a tax free allowance of up to 22,000 euros per year. If you claim the VAT back on your purchase you will also be required to become VAT registered with the tax authorities for 20 years, but after this time you can de-register and will no longer be required to make annual tax returns. You will need to charge VAT at a rate of 10% on your rentals which can then be reclaimed each quarter upon the filing of accounts.

We always recommend a choice of local tax advisors to help with your tax returns. The tax advisor will charge a one off fee to set up your registration (please contact advisors directly for prices) and annual tax returns will cost in the region of 300 – 500 euros per year.

Tourism Tax:
When you rent your property you will need to charge your guests tourism tax for the nights they spend in your property. These rate of tax varies from resort to resort but as a rough guide it is somewhere between 1 and 3 euros per night per person for each guest over the age of 14 years.

Capital Gains Tax:
The housing market in Austria has been subject to a number of controls in order to keep house prices within reach of locals, especially in the tourist areas. Capital Gains Tax of 30% will apply to any profits you have made on your property (effective since Jan 1, 2016).

Inheritance Tax:
Inheritance tax has been abolished in Austria (effective since August 1, 2008).