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Ski Films: Of iPhones, Freeskiers and a Piece of String

19 Feb, 2016 by Investors In Property

The idea of filming yourself skiing isn’t exactly a new one; Warren Miller has been making ski films since the 1950s, and James Bond has been doing it almost as long. Filming yourself however; that’s a new one.

With go-pros, smart phones and selfie sticks, it’s easier than ever to video yourself heading down the slopes, and videos like Candide Thovex’s ‘One of Those Days’ are pushing the boundaries of what people can do in a ski video. Now though, Nicholas Vuignier has gone one step further and introduced the ‘selfie string’.

Making a ski video using just an iPhone and a piece of string might sound as budget as it gets, but the effect is stunning. The slow-motion setting is used to great effect as we swing 360 degrees around our intrepid skier. This might seem like the easiest thing in the world to achieve, but neither the string nor the iPhone were out-of-the-package standard.

The rig that attached the phone to string took six attempts and two years to perfect, while the phone itself needed a wide angle lens fitting. Once that was done, all that was left was for the award winning freeskier behind the video to set off and see how his experiment panned out.

Now, most of us if we tried this would find it hard to balance; focus on skiing down the mountain can be tricky enough without swinging a camera around your head. In fact, even if you could get the set up right for this experiment, the chances are pretty high that you wouldn’t be able to ski around and still have enough co-ordination left over to successfully make a video like this one.

Aside from the difficulties making the video, part of the beauty is in its simplicity. The video doesn’t feature the guy leaping over chairlifts or grinding rails in the middle of the resort, but it doesn’t need it. Who knew that you could make something so spectacular from an iPhone and a piece of string?
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