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The IIP Top 7 Ski Apps of 2016

17 May, 2016 by Investors In Property

This week, we’ve got ski apps on the brain. We’re taking a look at some of the best ski apps on the market. 

Ski apps today cover everything from getting fit before you go, to staying safe on the mountain, tracking your progress and keeping you connected to your fellow skiers. Skiers who like to have something to occupy their time on the chairlift ride can also download a few games to keep themselves busy on the journey back up the hill.

Take a look at our top seven ski apps in the world.

Ski Tracks

An oldie, but a goodie, Ski Tracks has been the ultimate in keeping track of where you’ve been, how steep and how fast. You can also build a ski playlist, take photos and save you’re stats for comparison later.


This one gives you a bite sized workout to help you get in the right shape to really be pushing your boundaries on the hill. Led by Neil McLean-Martin, these eight minute workouts can be done just about anywhere.

The Ski and Snow Report

I know. It’s a simple enough premise. This is the app that will tell you what the weather’s doing at any given time, and give you the snow conditions at your favoured resort. It might not be ground-breaking, but it works well and it’s useful.


Backcountry skiing is increasingly popular at the moment, and with ski touring on the rise, there are increasing concerns about avalanche safety. This app goes some way to addressing some of those concerns, and it can be used as a field safety aid and planning tool, navigation app and track logger.

GoPro App

Used in conjunction with the GoPro camera, this app is a quick and easy way to create and share videos directly from your GoPro to your social media accounts. Plus, the app can help you control the camera remotely so you can capture the right shots to show friends.

Ullr’s Mobile Avalanche Safety Tools

Like Avanet, this is a safety app for adventurous types who want to head off piste. Similarly, it lets you see the avalanche forecasts and share data with other backcountry skiers to make sure you’re as safe as possible when you head off the beaten track.


Oh piste maps, why must you be so large and unwieldy and difficult to use? Fatmap does everything a piste map does, and more. It’s a GPS-enabled navigation device, with high-res satellite images and a freeride and piste map version available.

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