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Summer in Ski Resorts: Lakeside Property

26 May, 2016 by Investors In Property

Summer in ski resorts can often be a tricky thing. After all, climbing, hiking, paragliding and mountain biking are all good fun, but if that’s all there is to do in a ski resort in summer, you’re in for a short trip. Luckily, most Alpine resorts have long since started thinking outside the box on this one.

Somewhere like Samoens in the Grand Massif is home to activities ranging from the traditional walks, to museum tours, white water river rafting and tree top canopy walking. It’s not alone in offering more than just winter sports either. Tignes is home to some of the only summer skiing in the French Alps, but the huge lake also means there’s plenty to do when you’re not up on the glacier.

While places like Crans-Montana might be mostly known for its golf courses, Interlaken, in the Jungfrau region, sits on the junction between two lakes. It’s the perfect summer Alpine destination and it’s not only home to the usual array of activities, but the historic town offers Swiss charm and the lakes are perfect for swimming and water sports. The town was first recorded in 1133, when the old abbey was built. It was one of the earliest tourist destinations in Switzerland, and retains its popularity to this day.  

For those who like historic experiences, Lake Brienz is the starting point for Switzerland’s last remaining steam powered mountain railway. Next month will see the Greenfield Festival, where 40 international and Swiss bands will play at the airfield in Interlaken, while Jungfrau Park (the local amusement park) is fun for all ages. Interlaken’s Open Air Tell Festival (which involves amateur performances of ‘William Tell’ and has, oddly enough, been going strong for 100 years) starts next month, and carries on until September.

Lakeside living is always a desirable option; part of the reason Tignes is popular (aside from the snow record, of course) is because of the possibility of lake side views. For somewhere like Interlaken then, lakeside property is hugely in demand, and the stunning scenery means that it’s the perfect retreat all year round.
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