The Ultimate Songs to Ski to

13 Oct, 2016 by Investors In Property
Skiing and music go hand in hand; whether you’re at après ski, a ski festival or a contest, there is a constant stream of beats that pour out onto the slopes. And although not everybody goes in for listening to music while whizzing down the slopes, it’s pretty common to have your music on while you ski. It’s no surprise then that everybody has their own favourite songs to ski to.

Since we’re quite fond of music on the mountain ourselves, we went round the office and pulled out some of our favourite songs to ski to.  

Moby- Porcelain

A great cruising song, and one of the more chilled out selections on this list, this is a fantastic song to have on while you’re skiing down a rolling blue run, on perfectly groomed snow.

Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ Jack Flash

A bouncier track that is good for keeping time in the bumps, this is one of the few tracks we all agreed was a perfect ski jam.

Beastie Boys- Sabotage

This is one for aggressive skiers, and it makes the ideal background sound on days when you’re really shredding, from moguls and short turns to off-piste and powder.

The Strokes- Last Nite

Another song to make you feel like a hero on fresh groomed snow, this track has the pace and the swing to match you as you carve down the mountain.

The Stone Roses- Fools Gold

The iconic riff that makes you want to boogie works just as well in the Swiss Alps as it does on the dancefloors of Manchester.

Deep Purple- Smoke on the Water

As far as ski tracks go, this is pretty perfect; it even name checks the Swiss Alps, and it was written in the charming Swiss town of Montreux.

Matt Monro- On Days like These

Anyone who has seen the Italian Job will remember this song, played through the opening sequence as a Ferrari winds through the Italian Alps, and it’s a great song to play on the scenic route.
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